Why settle for growing older gracefully?
Gracefully is a nice way of saying settling. You don’t have to. Come visit us at Phoenix Rejuvenation Center and discover for yourself the wellness medical model we offer that centers on bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) and nutritional supplementation. Hormone decline is a normal part of the aging process that can be treated with huge benefits!! Find out more about BHRT ...

The Goals
The goal is to improve the quality of your life in the short term and improve your health in the long term. The goal is also to, wherever possible, avoid the need for pharmaceuticals and surgery by intervening earlier in life when more aggressive and riskier modalities are necessary to maintain our health, i.e., pharmaceuticals and surgery.

The Approach
This approach is individualized. It is crafted specifically to your needs, hormone levels, and symptoms. The old model of one size fits all is no longer adequate.

What is anti aging or wellness medicine?
This is an approach to your care that seeks to address quality of life and health issues in mid life with bio-identical hormone replacement and nutritional supplementation with the goal of avoiding the need to use powerful, unnatural pharmaceuticals or surgical intervention. We are looking to extend the functional life span. That is the number of years spent vital, full of energy and free of disease. Doesn’t it make more sense to put something into your body that your body can recognize? Be it a bio-identical hormone or a nutrient you are low on? Find out more about anti-aging medicine ...